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About Us

Kevton Tech is an upcoming online magazine founded back in July 2020 with a purpose of covering the everyday occurrences in the world of technology and entertainment.

From the Adrenaline filled Box Office releases in Hollywood and the musical classics of Broadway-Manhattan, to the ever changing and ever evolving world of tech, our main objective is to impact consumer behavior by providing information of the technology and entertainment they use/consume everyday to help them make sense of it all and in the process, make Kevton Tech the portal of choice for everything tech and entertainment.

Tech and more so entertainment are all about creativity and boldness which is the message we want & continue passing out to the audience. Our news updates and reviews don’t just inform you of the latest film or device, but give you a sense of daring to be innovative and to do what most normally perceive is impossible to achieve. 

The future is already here and the time for change is now, don’t get left behind. 


Kevton Tech

Kelvin Maina

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kelvin is a computer engineer with a specialty in Hardware Engineering and is also the brains behind Kevton Tech. You’ll mostly find him in the office performing surgical procedures on countless computers and rarely taking a breather.

Those around him say he works like a PlayStation…whatever that means. 

Engage him on Facebook, perhaps you may also get to know what he thinks about the coffee brewed in our office.      

Kevton Tech

Davies Mbugua

Managing Editor

Davies runs the day-to-day operations at Kevton Tech, making sure everything runs smoothly and perfectly, as it should be. He is all about gaming tech.

He is strongly of the opinion there’s much more concerning the gaming industry the world needs to know about & understand rather than it being labelled & viewed as, “A sector for a few individuals” by most folks.