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Are you aware of something you think Kevton Tech should investigate? Here’s how to do that

NOTE: This page is dedicated only for editorial tips. Do not send feedback, enquiries, story ideas or press releases through the communication channels listed on this page.

What Makes A Good Tip?

Some of the most important storylines on this website start with tips. A strong news tip needs to have several components.

Evidence is key; firsthand experience or revealing documents is essential and much more useful than having a hunch or speculation about a particular topic.

A good news tip should display a clear and understandable issue or a problem with real-world consequences. Be specific in whatever you’re reporting. Lastly, a good news tip should be newsworthy (something worth reading or paying attention to).

So, have you encountered something you think the public should know about? If so, we want to hear from you.

How To Tip Kevton Tech


Email is normally the easiest way to reach us. Send in your tips using our official editorial tips email address:


To protect you from being on the receiving end of any form of retaliation or backlash, we further recommend that you;

  1. Use a secure computer to communicate with us, one that does not contain enterprise software, spyware or malware that might be used to record your activities.
  2. Do not use your work email, public WI-FI networks or work device(s).
  3. Delete trails of communication that you store on your computer, such as copies messages or your secure username & passcode assigned when using our services.

More secure ways of sending tips to us will be enlisted on this page in the near future.