Space X delays launch of Starlink satellites into space

Space X called off its launch attempt to send up another batch of 60 Starlink Satellites on Thursday around 10 minutes before takeoff (or liftoff, whatever its called nowadays) was scheduled. The issue involves a camera on The Falcon 9 rocket’s upper stage. Yesterday’s launch was supposed to be Space X second flight this week (after the 1st one that was held successfully earlier on Sunday October 18th at The Kennedy Space Centre) and the 15th mission for the company’s growing constellation of internet satellites. Space X has launched more than 800 Starlink Satellites since 2019 as the company builds a mega-constellation that may eventually number about 14,000 satellites to provide global broadband internet coverage. 

A Falcon 9 rocket lifts 60 Starlink Satellites into orbit (space) from the launch pad at The Kennedy Space Centre on October 18, 2020


The launch was scheduled to take place from Space Launch Complex 40 of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station In Florida, USA. However, a few minutes after 12 noon (12.14pm EDT/ 1614HRS GMT) officials called off the launch, however Space X did not provide further details as to what led to the abrupt cancelation. ”Standing down from today’s launch of Starlink to allow additional time for mission assurance work. Will announce next launch opportunity once confirmed on the Range.” The company said on Twitter.

Space X CEO Elon Musk said the team reported ”a small seeming issue with loss of upper stage camera” referring to the rocket’s second stage. “Probably nothing serious but standing down to re-examine the whole vehicle just in case.” Musk further explained in a follow up tweet today.

Space X officials said the goal of Starlink is to help people who have not connected to the web to have access to these services. Space X usually sends up 60 satellites per launch. Starlink internet security is currently undergoing its first round of beta testing. The first to benefit from the space based internet have been first responders in Washington state, USA during their response to wildfires ravaging Washington state. Its clearly evident that Space X has a huge impact to the community surrounding it and the world at large which is now looking at the American tech company to solve some the internet issues being experienced today among many other issues including deep space exploration.

That’s all Space X has to say concerning yesterday’s aborted satellite launch, as always, we wish to know your views about the different storylines and articles as they develop. With regards to this one please let us know what you think about Space X aborting its mission of lifting 60 Starlink satellites into orbit (space) as we await to hear when the next launch date will be.   

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